We are taught from youth that dreams are not real or valid yet history shows us quite the opposite. In doing this and following through even with our children we inadvertently shut down a complete reality from existence, that of our spiritual self and guidance that we could have had. Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet, would sleep while healing someone or finding out what the person required for healthy living. Harriet Tubman the leading lady of the Underground Railroad was guided continuously by dreams and images of where to go. Nostradamus predicted everything through a dream state. Inspirations come from dreams. Our dreams give us courage to help us bring forward what will make us happy.

 Edgar Cayce said, "Dreams are tonight's answers to tomorrow's questions.”  “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.” Tony Gaskin. “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow know what you truly want to become.” Steve Jobs “Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age and dreams are forever.” Walt Disney Let’s look at the multitude of inspirations that came via a dream whether that dream is a waking dream or a sleeping dream does not matter. Einstein’s theory of relativity. The Electric light bulb or even ways to create electricity. Every great invention was and is someone’s dream coming into existence. The difference is these people had the courage and patience to bring their dreams to reality.

Some people say they never dream, this is a false statement and proven by clinical studies that everyone dreams. Most cannot remember their dreams but this doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Déjà vu is from our dreams, something that is so close to the forefront of our thoughts but often clouded by our waking reality. There are ways developed that would enable people to remember their dreams if one has the patience to do them.

We have developed into a rush society which does not allow anyone time to see what is all around them. I remember as a child often laying in the grass and staring off at the clouds and drifting in and out seeing different things and I can remember them even to this day, most children do this. Don’t as parents invalidate your child’s dreams as they too are a reality in their own, rather encourage them. Even just the beauty of Earth or a flower passes us by as non-existent because we walk at mach 20 instead of a slow pace which allows us to see. This starts from getting out of bed until we fall asleep. The reality that we never look into is that off our own spiritual self. Many doubt this and say “we even go to church on Sunday so I do handle my spiritual self.” I will tell you this is not so if you do not listen and pay attention to your dreams as this is the only time you’re truly yourself.  If you doubt this than ask yourself “where do ghost come from and who is it that haunts place and things.” Why is it some hear the deceased after they pass from this earthy destination?  Did you know that when a person dies 2lbs of weight is lost immediately? Why? Did you know everyone is psychic in their dream state?

We are and we can learn even to control it. Often healings from healers are sent at night prior to going to bed. It is than the last thing they do and the last thing on their minds when drifting off which than has a much better effectiveness. Some Psychic abilities that we have when sleeping are telepathy, telekinesis, astral travel, remote viewing to list but a few.

Dreamers in ancient races and tribes were revered at one time, it was an honor to be one. Now we say they are not real and close a doorway to our self and the guidance that is available to us. What makes us feel good about our self is being honest with our self and this cannot happen completely unless we honor our dreams because through the dreams come our destiny, our inspirations and the courage to carry them through to completion.  Every dream has a personal meaning and even nightmares are usually something we are not facing and we are being shown it in our dreams.  There is never anything to fear but fear itself.

Inspirations are magical and when we follow them we feel totally blessed because we are. Our dreams are our only connection to our angelic guidance of destiny itself. Everyone has guidance, everyone is blessed. When you learn to remember your dreams you can even ask questions and get answers it is a remarkable thing to do and we all have this ability and very seldom and very few do so.

From our dreams come our answers to lifelong questions, we just have to learn to follow them.

 If anyone wishes help is this regard email me and I would only be too happy to help you.