Jul. 14, 2017

Longevity of life - a spiritual blessing

Death is but a transformation of spirit yet we fear it, how much do we fear our path and the little things in our life. How much do we have to wipe things off or lock our doors? How bad has it become that we cannot talk to anyone we don't know. How hard is it to walk down the street and smile and say hello to strangers. Stress is the number one killer of mankind yet so little is done for it and we as mankind do little for it for our self.

We get sick and oh my god our medicine chests are loaded. We get pharmaceuticals for everything. 98% of all allergies are psychosomatic yet they are on the increase. How much are we going to accept of mankind’s drama to realize the very important fact that if we agree it will be sure to come our way? At least if we don't agree we stand a 50-50 chance of staying away from whatever it is the world says we will get. A good example is did you know it was flu season. My answer is no I thought it was fall/winter. Since when did colds, viruses and bacteria’s replace our great mother’s seasons? How much have you bought into mankind’s drama? Our thoughts are the most powerful weapon on earth and travel faster than the speed of light. Our air we breathe today could be someone’s last breath in South Africa.

Genes on a molecular level have been proven to be able to transform 50 times in the life cycle of man before failure and scientist are trying as they might to make it so they can last longer. Like all things on this planet there is the power of three and in this case I would like to think it is getting all three to work together that is the problem and not any one of the three itself. The women of our species apparently last longer than man by a good 50% plus when science is involved, however let us put this into a spiritual light, for science alone is battling the one enemy we know will eventually consume all of us and that is simply old age.

In all spiritual traditions and even religions there are three aspects – mind, body and spirit. The body sustains the genes of science and the genes breakdown due to sickness, injury, bad habits, which all have to do with stress. In this form I would say Reiki has the answer as it is the most fantastic stress release factors known. The second being the mind. I have written several notes on the books of the Toltec wisdom which cover this scope quiet well. If we are going to deploy our mind into drama and mankind’s afflictions we will become the afflicted. This has everything to do with disease, to ailments, to fears, to gossip and drama, to a personal affront. Life is for the living and one cannot possibly live in drama, it perverts the mind and cause genes to fail. The third is spirit -who we are- and what we are doing to unburden the heart and gather our wings about us to fly. It is all about self-awareness and growth. We as Freud put it are born as animals and it is what we do throughout our life that will bring about the transformation from animal to spirit. Spirit needs only self. Animals gather in herds and in masses. Spirit sees light and travels on intuition. Animals travel on needs and fears. As an animals Science is absolutely right.

In spiritual traditions we know about chakras, energy lines, the auric fields, rocks and gems, Toltec wisdom and the tree of life. We know the truth behind the secret and our own evolution is dependent on how much we grasp and can use. That becomes our longevity because it counters science. Each step of our path produces less and less stress and gives our genes a breather. The more we open the thymus the healthier our bodies become. The thymus is called the eighth main chakra for a reason but it is also directly connected to the heart, the seat of the soul and this is a must to constantly work on. It helps to have a positive mind set because this to lessens stress. How do we do this?

I would have never guessed how hard it is to maintain when I started down my path some 40 years ago, and I have fallen of that path several times but for good friends I would probably still be on the sideline looking in. It is anything but easy and as I have said in classes I have taught the reason only 10% of the populace stay on the path. Those that do know the rewards of such effort. We see things differently because we are. How long we live will be dependent upon us alone and doctors and mankind will have very little to say about it.  We hit the fourth enemy of Old Age the last one is death. It is inevitable but how we grace our old age and accept the flow that life gives to us is how we pass from this life to the next. I like to think we can do this with grace and dignity. The ethereal field of the aura protects us from bacteria and viruses so colds and flus are not our norm. Thinking positively eliminates stress and thus we stay healthy. Never take things personally is also something many have worked on it seems for eons.  There are the five principles of reiki that doctor Usui the founder of reiki put together because the sick kept coming back sick after reiki and the reason is very apparent. Unless they are followed stress maintains its foot hold in your life and illness and sickness can get a firm foot hold. The mechanics of mankind become you. So my friends do not fear to promote your reiki ventures. Let everyone know by being you. There must be an exchange for any Reiki treatment but this can be a cabbage for the less fortunate or the standard exchange for those that can afford it. Reiki is universal and not anyone’s own as ownership is a control mechanism that must also give way in surrender.