Nov. 11, 2016


Spirtual Romance took literally years to complete. Being knew to computers at the time and not knowing enough to save ones work has its own problems when your writting a book. Myself I am witty and love humor. I do not like being the center of attention though and am a rather personal type of person. This book portrays a knew life and the coming of awareness to Mother "the Land and wilderness" and all her creatures. It has twists and turns. It also has a dry witted humorous mule that turns out to be not a mule at all. The book has romance, adventure, betrayal and lose. In the sense that our spiritual being can come to life is magical all on its own accord. It was very much fun to write and I trust that the readers have a great enjoyment in reading it.

I intend to have its sequel out within a year. It is called the Grey Druid.