Nov. 11, 2016

The Reiki Philosphy

The most simple way to explain the philosophy that is at the base of Reiki, is definitely to use the same words of its founder: Mikao Usui. Usui sensei left these words:

The five prinpiples with the Usui's signature

" The secret method to invite happiness, the miraculous medicine to cure all diseases : "

" Today only "

" Anger not "

" Worry not "

" With thankfulness "

" Work diligently"

" To others be kind "

Mikao Usui

Often we see this written just for today I will not anger. Anger is not something that we can hide but we can learn from it. We do not have to stay in an anger state but when we feel it rising recognize it and the cause and thus change it to a positive experience.

These steps listed above lead us upon a path of self healing, a path of respect for ourself and all living beings and in so doing, it brings us a joyful, happy and abundant life.

It was written the founder wrote this after finding day in and day out the same people were coming to him and he set out to find out why. He found it wasn't the healing that was the problem but the way people lived was the root cause, thus developed the secret to happiness, a philosophy of living a life of action and happiness.