About me

I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher for over ten years now. I have ran my own business for over 25 years. I believe in Reiki and practice the philosophy daily. I am a calm person and love to delve into ancient philosophies and studies. I have one course to do to finish 3 years of college ( Business Administration - International). Nature is my friend. I am energetic, positive thinker, and team leader. I dont believe in failure as that to me means one has given up - failure just shows someone that they must rethink, retool and give her another go from a different angle. I believe in Dreams as a foundation for inspiration. My quote " Life is for the living - opportunities are everywhere for the taking when one is alive." As in life you have the sun and the moon, dark and light we have this in common within ourself. I am very logical in a business sense and in this way I bring to you my research firm. In the same breath I am a very spiritual man and I bring to you this in my Reiki Practice. Down to Earth is a store for those that like to shop and I will always encourage customers to comment. I have had my dreams and lived my dreams now it is my aspiration to help others achieve theres.

This site is growing daily and for the use of my personal growth, and business projects at this time in my life. I have written 2 books which I will add videos for in time. I answer all emails within 48 hrs. If you have questions please ask me through the contact page and dont forget the guestbook.

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